KFC Lunch Menu Price UK 2024

kfc lunch menu



Kentucky Mayo Twister Wrap Meal Deal£5.49965 kcal​​
Fillet Burger Meal Deal£5.49720 kcal
Twister Wraps
Supercharger Mayo Twister Wrap£5.49.520 kcal
Smokey BBQ Twister Wrap
Sweet Chilli Twister Wrap£1.99479 kcal
Kentucky Mayo Twister Wrap£5.49520 kcal
Twister Wrap Meal£3.98965 kcal
Twister Wrap Box Meal
Rice Boxes
Original Recipe Ricebox£0.00.490 kcal
Zinger Ricebox£6.99480 kcal
Veggie Ricebox£2.99355 kcal
Original Recipe Salad£4.99405 kcal
Zinger Salad Box£7.49350 kcal
Plain Salad£2.8976 kcal

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