Mcdonalds Chicken McNuggets UK 2024

Chicken McNuggets are a much-loved item on the McDonald’s menu worldwide, and the UK is no exception.

These small, tender chicken pieces are coated in a light, crispy batter that gives them a delicious crunch.

They can be enjoyed independently or with McDonald’s signature dipping sauces.

The McNuggets come in different serving sizes, including 6 pieces, 9 pieces or a box of 20 pieces for those looking to indulge or share with friends.

The prices vary according to the portion size. Check out all the details below.

6 Piece Chicken McNuggets®

6 Piece Chicken McNuggets®

261 kcal

9 Piece Chicken McNuggets®

9 Piece Chicken McNuggets®

391 kcal

9 Piece Chicken McNuggets®

20 Chicken McNuggets® Sharebox®

869 kcal

Chicken Selects®


359 kcal

Veggie Dippers - 4 pieces

Veggie Dippers
– 4 pieces

321 kcal

Check out the full Mcdonald’s menu prices in the UK.

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